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Posted by 29 March, 2017
In the final post of our Women's History Month series, Harriet Kersey examines the way that women used the law to claim their inheritance and protect their property rights - even if this meant litigating against other family members.As the work of Scott Waugh shows, [...]
Posted by 13 March, 2017
Charlotte Garside draws on a fascinating familial dispute to examine how notions of secrecy could be central to litigation in the court of Chancery, examining the role that women played in this secrecy even when they were not litigants themselves.The Court of Chancery was the major [...]
Posted by 3 March, 2017
In the first of two international posts, Sarah Joan Moran explores the legal system that governed women's property rights in early modern Flanders and Brabant, revealing the 'push and pull' between the gendered power imbalance of early modern law and the possibilities available to women in controlling their [...]